Victoria Edwards

In the bike industry, tenure doesn't always mean experience or talent. Victoria  has only been working with bikes for about 3 years but has amassed more skills than most bike shop employees do in a decade.  She does the bulk of sizings and house calls as well as full anatomical fitting . While most of her learning has come from hands on experience she completed Retul's level 1 fit class. Most recently she went to the west coast to fit the pro racing cyclists of Team Skyline. Until her custom DeAnima steel road bike is complete she rides a 3T Strada and laughs through the Cat 5 cross races on her Donnelly. Victoria's heckling is on par with Isaac's despite what anyone says. 

Isaac Denham

Since 2009 Isaac has been building trust in the cycling community. He has consistently served Wayne- first at Highroad Cycles through its transition to Bikeline as head of fit services and then Trek before opening Befitting Bicycles in 2018. As well as being the first Body Geometry Fit certified fitter in Pennsylvania he's helped teach fit curriculum at Specialized Bicycle Components University. Most Recently he has fit the pro racing cyclists of Team Skyline. While fitting is his primary passion, Isaac also enjoys collaborating with our custom brands to create dream bikes. He services all bikes with gears and has a reputation for creative problem solving. A Festka One Sport is his daily driver on-road. You can watch him race his custom Enigma cross bike at Sly Fox and then stay to hear his elite heckling throughout the day. 

We are a bike fit studio that offers an array of  services.  Beyond our bike fit services  we also offer: bike fitting classes, power based interval training,  frame up bike builds and repairs, custom built wheels, and carry more bike brands than any shop in the area.