At  Befitting Bicycles we know that some people LOVE racing and, we want to support you in that, we also know that some people are not as interested in racing but still want to be part of a team, and that's cool too.  The answer for everyone is a "Club Team" if you race, race in our kit, if you do a charity ride, do it in our kit, if you go to your nephew's bar mitzvah DO IT IN OUR KIT! The number one rule (as the team name implies) is: Don't be a dick. So if you have a "Party All The Time" attitude and you can "Keep it Casual" we want to have you on our team

Cost to join the team $50-$100

* Team Dues are $100 a year. helping at shop events such as clinics or shop rides can earn you back up to $50 in store credit

Team members get a 15% discount on regular merchandise as well as access to Team buy nights for greater discounts

Whenever possible Team members get priority Service in the shop 

Here are some proofs of our sweet kits!